RESIDENTS campaigning to stop long-term parking by motor homes, commercial vehicles and cars have welcomed the support of their councillor

Brighton and Hove City Councillor Ken Norman described the campaign for residents’ parking in 22 roads in the Surrenden Road area have welcomed a boost from Ken Norman, their local councillor.

He described the parking scheme as a “no-brainer” and repeated his support for discussions on a parking scheme to be brought forward yesterday.

The Withdean Ward Councillor said it was a nightmare for residents and he would be speaking up for residents at the .

He said: "We support the campaign entirely

"It will pay for itself in the long term and there's no reason why it shouldn't happen.

He added:"It's been a nightmare for years with the big vans."

At the moment the council is offering only to identify roads in the area that might be included in a scheme with any consultations on implementing parking restrictions not taking place until 2020.

But Mary Allen, who chairs the Surrenden Area Parking Campaign said: “That is far too long. The situation becomes more dangerous by the day. We were absolutely delighted to hear Cllr Norman’s remarks and really welcome his support.”

The residents said up to 70 vehicles have been parked on a long-term basis in the area by owners from elsewhere looking to dodge the parking charges which effect the other parts of the city.

With more and more residents' parking schemes being implemented drivers have been looking for new places to park for free.

Householders are upset that a national car rental company had been using Surrenden Road to park 18 of their hire cars.

The council has told The Argus that it will be looking to bring the proposals forward later this year