TODAY we look back on a marriage, retirements, a Red Arrows squadron leader and more.

Retiring headmistress of St Luke’s School, Gladys Edgell, is pictured above in 1968.

She is also shown receiving a clock from her pupils as a leaving present, perhaps to remind her of her time spent at the school in Brighton.

If you were one of Ms Edgell’s pupils, we would love to hear from you and if you remember attending the retirement assembly, please get in touch.

A Brighton station master named Jack Le Lievre retired after serving in the role for 47 years.

A special dance event was held to honour his decades of work at the station in 1965.

Another retired Brighton man is pictured here today, former art dealer William Compton.

He is shown playing a violin which he bought at a jumble sale in 1969.

Mr Compton, who had an eye for antique items, thought that the violin could have been a Stradivarius.

These rare pieces were built by members of the Italian family Stradivari in the 17th and 18th centuries.

Former squadron leader of the Red Arrows, Stephen R Johnson, is pictured above in 1980.

Usually in the squadron, three pilots are changed around each year so a mix of experience is present at all times within the team.

The leader is usually a part of the team for three years and is commonly referred to as “the boss” by the rest of the squadron.

The chosen leader must have already completed a three-year term flying with the Red Arrows.

Professional iceskaters Martin Minshull and Jo Ann McGowan got married at Brighton Register Office in 1968.Martin was a former British and world professional skating champion.