"The quality of our intimacy matters,” says author Isabel Losada.

Focusing on topics covered in her book Sensation: Adventures in Sex, Love And Laughter, former actress Isabel will be giving a talk at a Brighton book store to teach couples about the importance of a healthy sex life.

After a year-long quest to find out everything she could about sex in long-term relationships, Isabel will be hosting the humorous talk to share what she has discovered with her audience.

Bringing a mixture of comedy and honest acceptance of the difficulties some couples experience in their sex lives, her aim is to open people’s minds to a new way of viewing intimacy.

“I have had books published all around the theme of happiness from the point of view of the mind, body and spirit,” says Isabel. “Having written the previous books on this subject, someone asked me why I had never written about sex.

“It is about how to make sex better. I am just interested in the sensation of the body when with a person I love.”

The international bestselling author and stand-up comedian will be dispelling myths about the subject which is often seen as taboo during the event.

Throughout the course of her research, she learnt how important it is to learn to say “no, yes and wait” in an intimate relationship and will be sharing this knowledge on the night of her talk.

“If you don’t know how to say these words, that can get in the way of a good quality sex life. Women are particularly bad at saying no,” says Isabel. “I will also talk about an organisation I discovered dedicated to female sexual arousal. The good news for women is that groups exist to focus on teaching the correct way for a man to arouse a woman. Men often get more out of the sexual relationship than women do.”

Sensation is a book dedicated to challenging people to explore options in their relationships that they may otherwise not have in the face of current social taboos.

The book has received five star reviews and is not just aimed at women but Isabel also hopes men can learn a thing or two from her work, despite what their relationship status is or how long they might have been married.

On the topic of couples resorting to cheating on each other when they get bored or frustrated in a relationship, Isabel said “Something goes wrong and the only way people know how to deal with it is to go and have an affair, which may work in the short term. It is often quite a desperate act. Or they will leave their partner altogether or suffer a sexless marriage.

“I recommend sexuality as something that we learn about. A good sex life will help in whatever it is you want to do. The quality of that will also help with your children and family life.”

Isabel will delve into topics rarely discussed out in the open after her experiences taking part in NHS Kegel exercises and discovering new sensations through educational sessions with tantric masters.

At the end of her talk, Isabel will be engaging with her audience in an anonymous Q and A session, where she hopes to discover peoples’ concerns that are often left unsaid.

She said: “I have done talks about sex before. I get all kinds of really honest questions. In a talk I did in London, a man asked if it is OK to think about a different woman to get excited before sex. That is a very sad question. If you know ten different ways to arouse her and if you watch her carefully you will have no need to think about someone else.

“We need to celebrate positive and enriching sexuality and not what happens when couples do not match what these expectations are.”

Isabel will use humour to cut through the serious nature of the topic of how sex and intimacy can make or break a relationship.

She has worked as an actress, singer, dancer and broadcaster, writing non-fiction books in a way that she says “are a bit like fiction” because they have a story behind them but are all based on true events.

Isabel, who is now based in London, lived in Brighton up until she was 18 years old and remembers her grandmother reading the Evening Argus, adding that the paper was a part of her childhood.

She said being brought up in Kemp Town was a “huge privilege” and that she is looking forward to putting on an event guests will remember.

Isabel summed up her views on the topic of intimacy by saying “we can always experience pleasure”.

Sensation: An Evening with Isabel Losada 

Waterstones, Brighton, April 26

To book tickets visit waterstones.com or call 01273 206017.