BRIGHTON and Hove Liberal Democrats are calling for an EU referendum on the final Brexit deal to be held in December 2018.

They are proposing a 12-week referendum campaign, starting in September.

They claim it would give the UK the option to accept the Brexit deal or to reject the deal and stay in the EU.

Local Lib Dems are campaigning to get as many people as possible to support their demand for a referendum.

But it’s unlikely to cause any real impact with both the Tories and Labour firmly against the idea.

Carrie Hynds, who was the Lib Dem candidate for Hove in last year’s General Election, said: “What has been started by a vote of the people can only be stopped by a vote of the people.

“Every week, more evidence piles up to indicate that Leave voters have been promised the undeliverable; that Brexit will cause real harm to our country; that the left behind who voted for change will be left further behind. Under every possible Brexit scenario, the UK’s economy will shrink and make the poor even poorer.

“Now we have learned that UK’s Information Commissioner is investigating whether the Leave campaign had Cambridge Analytica’s help during the 2016 referendum.

“A two per cent margin in an advisory referendum is thin enough grounds for the Government to pursue a hard Brexit – but when you add in the level of deception used by the winning side, it is clear that the only way of determining the current ‘will of the people’ is to go back and ask them.

“We all have the right to change our minds.

“The true meaning of leaving the EU is only now becoming apparent. In the name of democracy, we demand that voters have the final say.”

Lib Dems are taking to the streets to argue their case on the fourth Tuesday of every month from 6pm to 7pm outside the Unitarian Church in New Road, Brighton.

At this month’s demonstration they will be joined by Councillor David Tutt, leader of the Lib Dems on East Sussex County Council.

Last night Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn sacked shadow cabinet minister Owen Smith who broke ranks with official party policy to call forthere to be another EU referendum.