Pells Primary School in Lewes, which closed in July last year, has since been rented out to people known as “property guardians” at a reduced rate to keep the property in working condition.

However, when speaking to The Argus, property guardian and previous hotel worker Eden Griffith, 21, explained how the property has had windows smashed and glass bottles thrown onto the school site late at night.

Those that live there have also been accused of being “squatters” from passers-by despite paying a monthly rental fee.

Disused properties like schools and hospitals are let out by companies to provide cheap short-term housing for property guardians which in turn keeps the buildings in working order.

However, moving into the primary school, Mr Griffith and his housemates have encountered antisocial behaviour simply for where they live. He said: “People were taking interest in what we were doing, so we tried our best to be friendly. We’re not squatting, we’re paying for rent, we’re working. I just want to live a normal life.”

When The Argus visited the property, three windows were in disrepair, there was a bottle-shaped hole in one, and shards of glass were present around the side of the property.

Mr Griffith said much of the damage is done late at night. The only security around the school site is a barbed wire fence, leaving Mr Griffith and his housemates concerned for their wellbeing.

He added: “It is stressful living here to be honest. I deserve to feel safe where I live."

Ad Hoc, the company responsible for managing the school property in Lewes for the guardians, said: “The safety and wellbeing of our guardians and our properties is our number one priority. We are disappointed to hear that the Lewes property in particular has been the recent subject of vandalism and we are urgently in touch with all parties to address the situation and to make good the damage.

“All property guardians have a duty to the properties they live in, and we are grateful for the diligent attention shown in reporting the incident so promptly, a matter which is now very much in hand.”

The Church of England, landowners of the property, said, “The Diocese has secured the services of Ad Hoc to care for Pells school building in Lewes whilst discussions about its future continue.

“The agreement was put in place as an interim measure to safeguard the building.”