ONE of the fastest growing engineering consultancies in the country, M-EC, has moved into Brighton.

It recently acquired the long-established company AcousticAir and has taken over its offices in the city

M-EC sees Brighton as a key location for ongoing expansion plans and further geographical spread across the UK.

MD Eddie Mewies said: “Following the launch of our Leeds office, relocation to larger offices in Birmingham, expansion of offices in Milton Keynes and the move into our new Leicester HQ last year, we’re pleased to say the business has continued to go from strength to strength.

“When the opportunity to acquire an established business to augment our existing team of experts, including a strategically located office in the south presented itself, we decided the time was right to take that leap of faith.

“We are more than happy to bring this project forward as the current expansion of the business coinciding with the opportunity to launch in Brighton seemed too good to miss.”

Following the acquisition, AcousticAir has been absorbed into the consultancy’s main business.

The expanded team has been re-branded as M-EC Acoustic Air.

The M-EC Acoustic Air southern team will be headed up by noise and air quality consultant Neil Forsdyke, undertaking noise, vibration, acoustic and odour consultancy services.

In the near future it is anticipated the office will expand the services it offers in line with the company’s key capabilities which includes:

- infrastructure design

- structural engineering design

- transportation planning

- flood risk and hydrology

- topographical land and measured building surveys

- ground investigations

- noise and air quality assessments

- utilities.

The company employs more than 90 people, including highly qualified engineering and environmental professionals, plus 20 apprentices across all disciplines.

A spokesman said: “We are committed to providing career opportunities for all people who wish to enter into construction and property related engineering and environmental consultancy.

“Approximately 20 per cent of our workforce are apprentices and we also recruit graduates with a variety of degree or Masters.”