ACTRESS and singer Millicent Martin is well known in Brighton after living there and getting married in the city.

Millicent, who is pictured at various places around the county, lived at 7 Arundel Terrace, Brighton, in 1969.

She married her second husband, actor Norman Eshley, when he was 24-years-old that same year.

They are pictured getting married at Brighton Register Office.

The pair got married after her previous marriage to pop singer Ronnie Carroll ended in 1965.

Now living in the United States as a permanent resident, Millicent got married to her third husband Marc Alexander in 1978, who she is still with today.

She starred in the BBC television show That Was The Week That Was and went on to feature in a number of stage shows on Broadway.

Millicent was picked to sing topical songs to the audience during the satire show.

She also had her own BBC television series for a while, which was initially called Mainly Millicent.

During her time performing in New York, she was twice nominated for a Tony Award.

More recently, Millicent has featured in hit sitcom Frasier, appearing in the show from 2000–2004.

Millicent is pictured above at a laundrette near her old home in Arundel Road, in 1969.

She is also shown visiting a number of other places around Sussex, including The White Harte in Cuckfield the following year and Chailey Heritage Craft School.

As well as her success on stage and in television shows, she also featured in a number of British films in the mid-1960s.

These include Nothing But the Best in 1964 and Alfie two years later.

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Millicent Martin at Launderette in Arundel Road, Brighton, 1969

Millicent Martin at The White Harte, Cuckfield, 1970

Millicent Martin in 1964

Millicent Martin at Chailey Heritage Craft School, 1968