GRAND plans to redevelop a synagogue will be scaled back following concerns from neighbours.

Albion owner Tony Bloom is funding the project through his foundation to redevelop the Brighton and Hove Hebrew Congregation synagogue at 29 to 31 New Church Road in Hove.

At a public consultation in November, neighbours saw initial plans for a new orthodox synagogue along with a kosher cafe, education facilities a community centre and residential accommodation.

But last month in a letter to the congregation the Hove Action Group wrote: “We are not against the site being redeveloped, in fact a new synagogue, school and some housing for your community will be most welcome.

“However we were all dismayed at the scale and height of the proposed buildings.

“Two are huge: one seven storeys and the other five, dwarfing other buildings in the area.

“If they are built as revealed to us at the exhibit they will totally change the way our little corner of Hove looks and feels.”

Yesterday Bob Whitaker, project manager for the developers, told The Argus: “We started off with plans for those building heights, then we went to pre-application.

“We were discouraged by Brighton and Hove city planners from having buildings that high and on reflection those buildings were too high.

“So we’re reviewing that, but certainly they won’t be that high they’ll be lower.

“So we’re looking at how to achieve that and still maintain the viability of the development.

“We’re addressing that, and we’re sensitive to the neighbours and when we’ve got the new plans hopefully this month or next, we will hold a further public consultation and listen to what everyone has to say.”