A mother recovering from brain tumours broke two Guinness records at the Brighton Marathon.

Candice Davis, 45, took on the arduous challenge on Sunday with nine of her friends. She was dressed as the Disney character Moana while her team dressed in Polynesian costumes.

Candice and her convoy, the MarathonMamas, broke the record as the fastest ten people in a single costume to run the marathon, finishing in six hours and 55 minutes.

They are also the largest team to join a marathon.

Mother-of-one Candice, from Hove, said they were immensely relieved when they crossed the finishing line. She said: “It was really tight in the end because our blisters were popping and our knees were giving in.

“There was a girl running alongside us, playing a drumming and cheering us on all through the way.

“As we ran people came out and played theme songs from Moana. We want to thank everyone for their support.

“It was a tough race. We were all very exhausted and once we crossed the finishing line, we felt a sense of joy and gratitude to the amazing event and for the people who came to cheer us on.”

The MarathonMamas are raising money for The Brain Tumour Charity. She has set up a Just Giving page and has raised almost £9,000.

Doctors discovered Candice had three brain tumours in December 2014. Although she has had them removed, the surgeries have left her with lifelong side-effects.

She said: “After the treatment, I am grateful to be alive but I have lost some of my sight on my left eye.

“In my second surgery they had to take out my eye socket and I have a titanium plate in my face. I can’t feel parts of my face as well.

“I’m quite lucky, because there are others who discover their tumour quite late and the damages are severe.

“I was going to do this marathon on my own but when I lost part of my sight, my friends offered to run for me. Then we decided to do it together.

“I finished my radiotherapy in January and only started training for the marathon in February.

“Training together was tough because we had to work out a rhythm and to make sure we were on the same pace.

“The weather was lovely, luckily it only rained a little otherwise it would have been a disaster because of our gear.

“I hope the money can help fund for more research, awareness, and getting doctors to refer people quicker to specialists so they can have early diagnosis and treatment.”

To support Candice head to justgiving.com/fundraising/marathonmamas