Hove’s very own answer to Trafalgar Square’s Fourth Plinth has been unveiled on the seafront.

Hove Plinth’s first sculpture Constellation is based on a model of the solar system, except with historic and present day emblems of Hove, instead of planets.

Constellation on the promenade, near the junction with Grand Avenue, shimmers on the seafront as the sun hits the gilded icons, which were suggested as objects which best represent Hove.

The icons include a seagull, a cricketer, windmill, elm tree and even a skateboarder.

Folkestone-based artist Jonathan Wright said: “I was really inspired by the strong sense of identity and pride in Hove and the many ideas and stories brought to the table.

“Hove seafront is a fantastic site for public sculpture and I am honoured and incredibly excited to be the first in a line of artworks on the Hove Plinth.”

Historical items like a bust of Queen Victoria at Brighton Museum were 3D scanned and printed, before gold leaf was applied to the icons.

Hove Plinth comes after five years of planning and fundraising by charity Hove Civic Society. Karin Janzon, Hove Plinth project director, said: “We are thrilled to see the Hove Plinth come to life and become a permanent part of the iconic seafront.

“Some people thought we were mad to attempt it, but a little madness can go a long way. It’s the end of a long journey and the beginning of much more public art to come our wonderful city...

“I want Hove Plinth to inspire and delight residents and tourists, and I have been watching people over the last few days coming past here and their faces just light up."

The concept of Hove Plinth was first imagined in 2012 by the Civic Society, which encourages high standards of planning and conservation in the Hove, after being inspired by the Fourth plinth.

A fundraising campaign then followed the society successfully raising £100,000 of pounds from residents, businesses and grant-funders.

The plinth will see a rotation of artwork with the next sculpture set to take residency in 18 months.

The next phase of the project will be to find permanent sites across the city for the sculptures coming off the plinth, and build up a sculpture trail over time.

Councillor Alan Robins, chairman of the Economic Development & Culture Committee, said: “The Plinth is a fantastic celebration of Hove and will be a wonderful showcase for modern sculpture for everyone to enjoy. It’s also an example of the community coming together to create something fun which will appeal to residents and visitors.”

He added: “The design process for the plinth and the installation took into consideration how to minimise any possible damage, from an anti-graffiti finish on the plinth itself to the height and robust engineering techniques on the structure itself. It’s on a busy part of the seafront with lots of people around.”