A much loved PR manager took her own life after being signed off work with stress.

A coroner ruled Suzannah Brown had taken her own life the day after telling her GP she was feeling anxious and worried about the effect it may have on her work.

The 28-year-old drove her own car to the Sussex coast from the flat she shared with her boyfriend in Chiswick where her body was found by coastguard.

East Sussex coroner Alan Craze described her death as a tragedy.

He said her family would never really know why she took the decision to bring her life to an end.

Miss Brown had started working as a senior account manager looking after consumer brands at Grayling, whose clients include Hilton hotels, earlier in the year.

The family reported her missing after she failed to meet her sisters for dinner.

Boyfriend Scott Poulton last saw her when he left for work at 7am on October 18 last year.

In a statement for the inquest at Eastbourne Town Hall he said the couple had been living together since January.

He described her as an always outgoing personality, bright, hardworking caring and considerate.

The inquest heard she had been signed off work for two weeks with stress the day before.

“She was in good spirits,” Mr Poulton said in his statement.

“It was a busy time at work and she was finding it hard but she always seemed upbeat and positive.

“For reasons I will never understand, I believe she took her own life.”

After she was reported missing, Mr Poulter searched their flat and found pieces of a torn suicide not in a kitchen bin.

Coastguard and RNLI recovered her body and the coroner gave the cause of death as multiple injuries due to a fall from height.

The inquest heard Miss Brown had been treated as an in patient at the Priory after driving her sister’s car at a wall while suffering from mild anorexia.

Coroner Alan Craze concluded Miss Brown had taken her own life.

He said: “It’s an absolute tragedy this case, you can’t look at it any other way.”

The PR who gave Suzy Brown her first job in the industry have named a bursary after her.

Rita Rowe of Mason Williams said: “Suzy was a successful, beautiful and popular young woman and an inspiration to her colleagues.

“Nothing was too much for her to tackle and she had a passion and a commitment to her clients and team mates.”