IT'S the burning question for every Oasis fan: Liam or Noel Gallagher?

The younger sibling gets my vote each time. But if we’re talking performances at the Brighton Centre, Noel wins, absolutely no doubt.

I have had the privilege of watching the two Mancunians at the venue in the space of the last five months – and Noel and his High Flying Birds blew me away.

He kicked things off on Sunday night with Holy Mountain, my favourite track from his new album, Who Built the Moon? A great choice to get the crowd going – not that he needed it.

But it was when he came out with Heat of the Moment from his 2015 album Chasing Yesterday when the night really got started.

It was an outstanding, electrifying performance – not the kind of vibe I thought he was capable of producing to that magnitude.

His voice roared through the Brighton Centre and sounded fantastic. His vocal chords, unlike Liam’s, have got better with age.

Noel’s team deserve a lot of credit, too. The visuals throughout the evening were sublime and made it even more memorable.

He certainly doesn’t let you forget his love for Manchester City, either, with the club’s banner and a scarf on stage along with blue and white strobes – and an ode to fellow fans with What A Life.

This was utterly beyond my expectations, and if you were unfortunate enough to miss out due to a sellout crowd, I would advise you to do what you can to see him.

When he addressed the crowd, it was with that frank wit Oasis fans love, calling one a “Scouse ****” and demanding him to “chant my ******* name”.

Noel, of course, finished with a Beatles classic, All You Need Is Love, and it was arguably just as good as his own material.