Police officers of yesteryear are the theme of today’s Timeout.

These constables and sergeants served Brighton and Hove communities in the 60s and 80s.

Sergeant Peter Creese is pictured here on traffic duty in Brighton.

He is standing on the road outside the Royal Pavilion waving traffic through in a vintage police uniform with a white-coloured hard hat and white gloves.

Also pictured here is Tennessean singer Dolly Parton, signing an autograph for a policeman.

In 1968, a trio of heroes pictured here received Life Saving Awards in Hove in 1968.

Their names are Mr Daniel Trend, PC Jack Snipe and Mr Alfred Barnard.

American-British actress Sandra Dickinson is also seen here, posing for a photo with police officers at Fontwell Park Racecourse in West Sussex.

The year is 1989, so after she played Nancy Day in the 1983 film adaptation of the Harold Robbins novel The Lonely Lady, and before she played Sally, a neurotic vampire who prefers bloodbanks to actual victims, in a 1991 episode of HBO’s Tales from the Crypt series, also starring Malcolm McDowell.

She went on to play Tina in the 90s sitcom 2point4 Children.

Also pictured here is PC Ronald Nevitt holding the Baton of Honour in 1967.

The Baton of Honour was awarded to notable police officers.

A group of police officers are shown here enjoying a breakfast at the 1988 Conservative Party Conference in Brighton.

They have taken off their hats to enjoy their downtime.

Last up is Brighton policeman PC Nigel McNeill, pictured here patrolling the street, presumably as a ‘bobby on the beat’ in 1983.