A university worker who stabbed his boss 15 times has been jailed for a minimum of 28 years.

David Browning became obsessed with Jillian Howell as she tried to help him overcome the death of his father.

Browing stabbed Samaritans volunteer Ms Howell  to death in her home in Sandgate Road on October 25 before defiling her body y scrawling the word bully across her forehead. 

Judge Christine Laing said: "Jillian Howell was a much loved sister auntcousin and neice and friend, highly skilled  with a variety of interests including giving up her free time to counsel and care dore those in distress. 

"She was 46 when she was murdered by you in a savage act. 

"This was a sustained attack and terror and trauma of the final few minutes of her life was unimaginable. 

"Not content to have inflicted those injuries you then defiled her body, writing the word bully on her forehead.

"That was a grotesque act. 

"It allowed that word to be use in connection with her throughout this trial when it was clear nothing could be further from the truth. 

"Anyone listening to the evidence in this case would have heard Jillian Howell was a compassionate woman, a quality that cost her  her life."

Browning showed no emotion as he was sentenced. 

The judge praised the dignity Ms Howell's family and friends had shown in the public gallery throughout the trial.