Its speed trials have been held every year since 1905, making them the world’s longest-running motorsport event.

Brighton and Hove Motor Club is pictured here twice, both times in 1967.

Culture Club are pictured here posing for a photo with fans in the 80s.

The band formed in 1981 in London, fronted by Boy George on lead vocals.

They broke up in 1986, but reunited in 1998 and again in 2014.

This year they are playing 11 UK dates as part of their world tour, including a gig at the Brighton Centre.

Also pictured is Brighton and Hove Albion player Kit Napier with Robin Hall from The White Heather Club at the Brighton Dome in 1968.

Kit Napier was born in Dunblane, in Scotland, in 1943.

He joined Albion in 1966 and spent six seasons at the club.

He was their top goal scorer every year apart from the 1969 to 1970 season, and he helped them reach second place in the league in 1972.

The White Heather Club was a Scottish variety show on television that ran on and off from 1958 to 1968.

Mr Napier was part of a two-man musical partnership with Jimmie Macgregor formed in 1960, and they hosted the show from 1963.

Anna Davis is pictured here with the largest penny arcade machine in the world, which is on display at a hotel in 1976.

She is wearing a t-shirt which says Ruffler and Deith on it.

Ruffler and Deith were a coin machine distribution company founded in London in 1972 by Bill Ruffler and Bob Deith.

Also pictured is William Park at Sussex Investors Club in Hove in 1979, and Brighton’s Rotary club in 1968, which celebrated its centenary in 2013.

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