School music classes and interesting instruments are the theme of today’s Timeout.

These photographers span over 50 years, from 1938 to 1991.

Stanley Deason High School pupils are pictured here wearing headphones in 1987.

One of them is playing a saxophone, while the rest appear to be singers.

The tinsel around the microphone stands suggests it is Christmas time.

The school later moved to Wilson Avenue and eventually became an academy.

Also pictured here is a music class in 1987.

The children, who belong to an unknown school, are playing xylophones.

A woman is photographed playing a strange-looking wind instrument in around 1938.

Jonathon Gould is pictured here with a 98-year-old organ at the All Saints Centre in Lewes in 1988.

In September 1980 the All Saints Church was given to Lewes Town Council to be used as a community, arts and youth centre.

The advice given to us in the event of a fire is to save ourselves, and leave everything behind.

But a man and woman who rescued their electric guitar and bass guitar from a fire are pictured here in Wenban Road in Worthing in 1989.

A group of standard-bearers are also photographed on stage for the Festival of Remembrance service at the Brighton Dome in 1978.

Anna Wilkins looks proud to have won a trophy and certificate at the Worthing Music Festival in 1991.

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