Skateboarding has long been a popular pastime and today’s Timeout photos look back at the action sport.

Today’s skaters of Brighton and Hove can be found in skate parks such as Hove Lagoon or The Level.

The Level skate park was opened in the 1970s when the craze was really taking off.

The skater scene in Brighton mainly centred around Churchill Square back then, but there was also an indoor park called the Cage under Brighton promenade and a venue called The Barn in Southwick, which had a blue tiled pool and mini bowl.

There was also a halfpipe in Saltdean and a mini skatepark in Woodingdean.

Pictured here is a group of young skateboarders in action in a car park in Woodingdean in 1978. Another three are pictured posing outside a shop with their safety helmets on.

The photo was taken back in 1978.

Also pictured is Ben Peake skateboarding down what looks like an underpass in the same year.

In 1977, an event took place which drew a crowd of spectators.

The audience is watching a skateboarder as he slaloms between cones.

A group of nine young skateboarders is also pictured here in 1978 in what looks like a park.

A photo taken by Simon Dack in 1988 shows a young skateboarder posing in his hat, gloves and elbow pads.

Well-known skateboarder Justin Ashby is pictured here in 1988 skating past an older man.

Mr Ashby became a partner of the Pig City Hot Shop, which was right opposite The Level skate park, in 1987.

These days, the nearby shop is called Level Skateboards.

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