Fast food fanatics Lee and Mary Humphrey are really Lovin' It at McDonald's - eating at their local branch every day for the past 17 YEARS.

The pair have scoffed the same meal - a double hamburger each with a shared large fries - more than 4,500 times and have vowed NEVER to dine out anywhere else.

The chicken McNuts couple, both 84, even have their own table at the high street eaterie in Eastbourne and moved house two years ago so they could be within walking distance of the restaurant - which they go to at 11am every day without fail.

Mary said: "The staff all know us and have our food waiting when we come in.

"We both order a double hamburger with one portion of chips between us, Lee has a cup of coffee and I give him one of my hamburgers, so I have one burger and he has three.

"I did once try a Deli sandwich but that was way too much for me, I could barely move."

She added: "We call McDonald's the office' now and our relatives will ask us how the office is and joke about it.

"We never go to any other restaurants, you'll never see us anywhere else."

At current prices, the couple have splashed out the equivalent of £18,000 on burgers and fries in the past 17 years.

Lee, a retired coach company manager, said: "McDonald's has always been very pleasant and the people who work and go there every day are always very polite and friendly.

"We've never had a cross word from anybody."

The couple admit Ronald McDonald supplies the bulk of their diet.

Mary said: "We don't eat big when we come home. We like to sit down in the afternoon and watch Deal or No Deal with a Magnum chocolate covered ice cream.

"Lee will have a bowl of cereal in the morning and and I'll make him a pre-cooked roast beef meal at the weekend."

Despite there being a gutbusting 13g of fat in the 320 calorie cheeseburger and 26g and 540 calories in the fries - the couple claim they are fit for their age and walk three miles every day.

Mrs Humphrey, of Arundel Road, Eastbourne, said: "McDonald's is pretty much all I eat all day.

"It's all we need and we're never ill, in fact I'd say we're fighting fit."

And the couple - who have two grandchildren and five great-grandchildren back in Canada - say they will continue to feast on fast-food for the rest of their lives.

Mrs Humphrey added: "I think it's the best restaurant in the world, and we would never go anywhere else.

"I think their food is delicious and we were here every day throughout the BSE scare, it didn't put us off beef one bit."

McDonald's branch manager Sarah Wright said: "Mary and Lee are our best customers, they always have a chat with us and it wouldn't be the same here without them.

"We always have their food ready for them and if they don't come in on time we wonder where they are. They're a pleasure to have here."

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