THE BENEFITS the county could reap if Prince Harry is given the title of Duke of Sussex have been highlighted ahead of his wedding day.

American actress Meghan Markle will be given a HRH title and become an official member of the royal family when the couple tie the knot in Windsor on Saturday.

Prince Harry has been tipped to receive the title on his wedding day, which would mean Ms Markle would gain the title of The Duchess of Sussex.

Anne Ackord, chief executive of The Brighton Pier Group, said: “I think it would be a boost for Sussex to have its own Duke and Duchess and we will certainly invite them to the pier. A Royal visit to any part of Sussex would be good for tourism and raise our profile nationally.”

Peter Kyle, MP for Hove and Portslade, said the title if given to Prince Harry would be an “excellent way to shine a light on all the great things we have to offer in Sussex”.

Mr Kyle said: “We can really benefit from the attention this can bring. They are not just a young couple, they are a youthful couple and combined they reflect very well the spirit and diversity that we have come to love in Brighton and in the rest of Sussex.”

Genealogist Charles Kidd told the Daily Mail he firmly believes the Duke of Sussex title will be given to Prince Harry when he marries Ms Markle. Mr Kidd said: “They’re quite limited in the titles that are available.

“The Duke of Sussex is the front-runner without any doubt.

“I think the others are highly unlikely.”

Following royal tradition, the Queen is expected to grant Prince Harry his dukedom on the day of his wedding.

Other titles that are still on the table include Kendal and Avondale, with a number of previously used titles also still available, such as Connaught, Clarence and Cumberland.

Ms Markle will be given the title on the day of the marriage.

The first and only Duke of Sussex so far was Prince Augustus, the sixth son of King George III.

The prince was given the title in 1801.

He married Lady Augusta Murray in Rome in 1793, but she did not become the Duchess of Sussex.

She instead called herself princess and demanded a peerage, but despite her pleas she never received one.

Meghan Markle could become the first ever Duchess of Sussex if Harry accepts this title from his grandmother on the day of his marriage.