The shops of years gone by are the theme of today’s Timeout.

This selection features a number of outlets we used to love, selling everything from furniture to bread, in central Brighton in the 70s, 80s and 90s.

Rising Dough was a bakery in Queens Road in Brighton.

It is pictured here in the 1980s as three women walk in.

The Bricks shop is also pictured here in 1986.

The shop sold glass and glazing.

It was located in North Road in Brighton on the corner at number 98.

Only Organic was also on North Road.

Do you remember if it only sold fruit?

This photograph was taken in 1989.

Also pictured here is Sussex Pine Centre, also in North Road, in 1986.

Royal London Insurance, which is still going today, was in Queens Road on the corner of Church Street in Brighton.

This photo was taken in 1988.

Bowles of Brighton was the shop belonging to John Bowles and Co, the Brighton-based retailer of modern furniture.

It took over the store in North Street .

The shop consisted of a basement, ground floor and mezzanine.

It stocked lighting, pottery, glass, cutlery and linen as well as furniture.

This photo was taken in 1970.

The Mason’s Antique shop was also on North Road.

It was a furniture reupholstering service.

It is pictured here in 1990.

Does anyone remember these shops being in Brighton and Hove? If you do, please get in touch with us.

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