Today we take the time to look back at clocks of all kinds.

The clock at Brighton Station is shown here with its hands removed in 1988, presumably so it could be fixed.

Sundial House in Brighton, which is named after its sundial, is pictured here in the 1980s.

The Brighton Aquarium clock is shown here in the 1920s.

It was constructed in1874 and demolished in 1928.

The stopped Arundel town clock is pictured in 1984.

The clock was designed by clockmaker Thomas Walder, who lived in a house at the same site.

He was born in 1766 and died in 1861.

Jonathan Webb, Rowan Webb and Madelaine Mansfield are pictured here with the world’s tallest clock of its kind.

It looks to be a grandfather clock, complete with guards wearing bearskin hats and a pendulum.

The photo was taken in 1992.

Also pictured here is the clock tower in Blakers Park, in Brighton, in 1984.

The clock was added to the park in 1896, after Alderman Blaker donated £1,000 for it to be built.

An article in the Evening Argus from the day said: “The tower is a square ornamented structure of steel and cast iron, fifty feet high, finished bronze, picked out here and there with gold.”

The top part of the clock tower, with its weather vane, is shown here on the ground being moved by two men.

Presumably this was part of a repair or restoration project.

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