I WOULD like to tie a number of recent letters in The Argus together and show the failure of our own MPs to grasp the problems we face.

We have planned building at Toads Hole and elsewhere in the city of Brighton and Hove.

That will cause massive pollution and road problems. We have the Arundel bypass issues, again doing environmental damage.

We have Commonwealth surgeons and doctors not having work visas renewed, that is because we have to meet the immigration numbers due to unlimited migration from the EU.

All the issues are related to too many people and the population is growing by 250,000 a year from net migration plus child birth increases at home.

Our local MPs are doing their best to damage Brexit and force the UK into the Customs Union and single market.

Already we have to accept the EU migration rules for an additional two years after 2019 and keep those arriving during those two years.

No doubt Caroline Lucas will be present at protests in Arundel and at Toads Hole after her own party’s policy on the EU being a contributory cause as cars are used by people who have to get about.

Buses and trains still use diesel, more dangerous than petrol. Our energy needs cannot be met by renewables without nuclear power unless the population stops growing.

We cannot hope to fund the NHS to meet the massive new demands or build the new houses fast enough, or indeed to increase rail or road capacity quickly enough to avert a disaster.

Already pollution levels in Brighton and Hove vastly exceed EU limits, not that any punishment will happen. We cannot even ban juggernaut lorries from our roads due to EU rules.

Meanwhile Peter Kyle and Caroline Lucas get pleasure from disrupting the referendum result and removing the benefits of Brexit.

Brexit was always a balance between two solid positions, both having up sides and down sides.

Hence the people were asked to choose and had six months of nonstop information, scare stories and exaggeration.

We need to get out and hopefully not pay that additional £40 billion exit fee on top of the 90 billion we have already paid in membership fees from the referendum date to the actual exit in 2021.

We need those Commonwealth doctors and surgeons more than ordinary EU workers such as fruit pickers and a good immigration points system will allow both vital EU and Commonwealth highly trained people to come here leaving those other jobs for UK nationals from any ethnic past.

RP Lambeth
Martin Road, Hove