THREE mothers who let their children bunk off school have been fined by the courts.

The parents were hauled before Brighton Magistrates’ Court last Wednesday after failing to act on truancy notices issued by East Sussex County Council.

Stephanie Garrioch-Gill, 34, of Arundel Road West, Peacehaven, did not make sure her three children regularly attended school.

She was fined £1,500 in her absence.

Kayleigh McElroy, 24, of Lawes Avenue, Newhaven, was fined £500 after failing to make her son go to Harbour Primary.

Lorraine Miller, 40, of Seaview road, Peacehaven, admitted failing to make her two children go to school and was fined £195.

Parents can be prosecuted if they fail to ensure the regular attendance of their children at school.

Councils can issue fixed penalty notices to parents who do not make sure their children attend.

If parents ignore the fines they can be brought before the courts and face stiffer penalties including fines of up to £2,500 per child and up to three months in prison.