MORE than 100 people gathered at a vigil in the aftermath of 58 Palestinians shot dead by Israeli forces during a protest.

The vigil, organised by Brighton and Hove Palestine Solidarity Campaign (BHPSC), gathered at the Clock Tower at 6pm yesterday (Tuesday, May 15) where they demanded justice for those who died.

More than 2,000 Palestinians were also injured in Gaza on Monday as they demonstrated against a US embassy opening in Jerusalem.

Campaigners also remembered today as the 70th anniversary of the Palestinian exodus, which is also known as Nakba.

A spokeswoman for BHPSC, who asked not to be named, said: "Our message is we call on conscientious people to stand up for the Palestinian people.

"We are here today to protest against the killing in Gaza and also for the safety of the Palestinian people.

"We call on our government, amongst other countries, to place an embargo an any arms trade with Israel. Businesses should divest their investment in Israel.

"We are demanding justice for the people of Palestine. They are denied equal rights and the freedom they deserve.

"We put out a call-out for this vigil on social media shortly after the protesters were killed."

Another demonstrator, Gil Mualem Doron, 48, from Brighton, said: "I was born in England but lived most of my life in Israel.

"I am ashamed to be Israeli because of the slaughter on Monday. The situation between Israel and Palestine has been ongoing for far too long and there needs to be a solution.

"I was an academic teaching art at a university in Israel but I lost my job because I was standing up for the Palestinians.

"I believe our government should step up to help resolve the conflict but they have been silent. The British people, too, should stand up for justice."

Trinidad Catalan, 58, said: "I am here today because 58 people were killed in a single day. The UK government has not responded to this massacre.

"I have been to Palestine myself and the things people go through are beyond imaginable.

"They are hungry and they have no security. The children wet their bed because they are frightened. Most of them have lost some members of the family due to violence."