Fans of Lewes Bonfire have told authorities they want no repeat of last year’s “draconian” closure of rail stations this November.

MPs and members of the town’s bonfire societies are concerned plans are afoot to close stations including Brighton London Road, Moulsecoomb, Falmer, Lewes and Glynde.

Last year November 5 fell on a Saturday and police and fire authorities were criticised for multiple station

closures with little consultation.

They say they have not yet made a decision about this November.

But at preliminary meetings, representatives of bonfire societies have been left with serious concerns.

One told The Argus: “Last year it was Saturday but this year it’s a Monday and if they close everything from 4pm that means messing up people’s journeys home from work, from school, from university.

“We think the decision has already been taken.”

Lewes MP Maria Caulfield MP said: “I would ask that train services are continued as to shut down the station will mean hundreds of people will not be able to travel to and from work on the day which is unacceptable.”

Brighton Kemptown MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle criticised last year’s arrangements and said it was important people living between Brighton and Lewes could attend the event.

He said: "Last year Lewes District Council in cahoots with Sussex Police and Southern Rail closed stations around our county on Bonfire Night.

"They did this without asking one elected officer, councillor or MP. They did this despite no evidence of needing to do so. They closed stations in London Road to Glynde. 

"When people complained we were promised that it was one off and that the residents of Falmer, Moulsecoomb and London Road areas of Brighton would be able to get home on the evening of the 5th. 

"We are now told that the train stations will close again at 4:30 on a weekday stopping people getting home.

"This is a disgrace because of the bonfire socialites, the elected MPs and councillors have again been ignored and not consulted yet again.

"The bureaucrats have got out of control and announced their decision without consultation.

"After a years of misery on the trains Southern Rail, Sussex Police and the councils will be lucky not to have effigy made of them and burnt, and unless the decision doesn’t effect my local stations and is reversed I will be cheering on the bonfire boys if they do decide to blow up those effigies. 

"There’s no evidence that this decision is based on safety, the closure of the railway stations in Brighton did not make anyone safer and made many people less safe having to get home on a dark November night without public transport." 

A statement issued on behalf of East Sussex Fire and Rescue Service said: “A multi-agency group, which includes emergency services and public bodies, is in the early stages of planning arrangements to help ensure public safety during these events.

“No decision has been made with regards to Lewes Train Station or neighbouring stations for this year’s Lewes Bonfire celebrations.”

It said safety was the utmost concern.