I AM SURPRISED by Mr FoxWalker’s letter (The Argus, May 14) about sovereignty, the monarchy and Brexit.

I was active in the Leave campaign but I do not recall anyone mentioning the monarchy during the Referendum.

The monarchy has not been affected by Britain’s membership of the EU, except for the increased amount it receives in land subsidies.

I am a member of Republic, the campaign for an elected head of state. Regaining full sovereignty is my main reason for wanting to leave the EU but this is not at all connected with the monarchy.

Like the monarchy, the powerful leaders of the EU are not elected and not accountable to taxpayers who pay their lavish salaries and expenses, and fund their subsidy schemes and vanity projects which are riddled with corruption and waste.

The European Parliament has little power and can be ignored by the commission with impunity, as it has been in all the years when it has refused to approve the EU’s main annual accounts.

But, whereas the monarchy does not greatly affect our daily lives, millions of EU citizens, especially the young in southern Europe, are condemned to unemployment and poverty so that the Euro single currency can continue to benefit German business.

No wonder the Leave campaign is successful when it attracts the support of such diverse people with so many positive reasons for rejecting the EU.

James Simister
Bates Road, Brighton