GCSEs are now under way for thousands of teenagers in Sussex and there is no doubt the pressure is on.

Of course, it is a stressful time as the 15 and 16-year-olds begin to think about what they want to do for a career and whether or not they want to go on to A-levels and then university before embarking on their working life.

Studying late into the night and getting up early to make sure you are as prepared as possible plays on the nerves and increases irritability, but stress can be dealt with if tackled correctly.

Support is key but, equally, learning to deal with stress and recognising it is a regular feature in modern adult life is crucial.

Work, as most adults know, can be extremely stressful as indeed can long-term unemployment for those desperate to earn a living.

Likewise, getting on the housing ladder, which is becoming increasingly difficult if not near impossible for young people, adds even more stress to the mix.

And what about the cost of raising a family?

In a decade’s time many of those taking GCSEs will be facing those very dilemmas and it pays to be prepared.

Blur’s second album title proclaimed “Modern Life is Rubbish” but it is not really if you adopt the right approach.

Study hard and you will reap your reward in due course and don’t fret because your parents have been there before and were probably just as nervous as you are now.

Good luck to all those taking their GCSEs.

But we are sure you won’t need it, especially after all that studying you have been doing night and day.