IT IS one of the most crucial duties of a newspaper to hold public bodies to account.

That is why we have consistently reported on the issues that arose from the Albion v Crystal Palace match – to keep those accountable under the spotlight.

Sussex Police putting forward two officers, one a superintendent, to speak to The Argus was an important move in helping us report public interest journalism.

Although Supt Howard Hodges and PC Darren Balkham could not say too much as there is an investigation into the force’s handling of the match, what they did say was open, honest and exactly what you, our readers, should expect and deserve from an institution paid for from your pockets.

We have got the best answers we could ask for at this stage, and will continue to fight for the rest of them.

Equally, though, another vital role of a newspaper is to highlight the good in our society.

Putting yourself on the front line to ensure the safety of others is an admirable job and requires a special kind of person with extreme courage to carry out those duties effectively.

The officers at Sussex Police deserve our utmost respect for the bravery they show.

You will be aware of the levels of violence, which the force has done well to keep at a low, at some football matches.

Twenty one arrests at 22 Seagulls home games this season is not a jaw-dropping figure.

That is down to intelligent planning by police bosses and the partners they work with, including Albion, and some fantastic public servants in Sussex’s constabulary.

Well done on a successful 2017/18 season, officers.