Don't try this at home – a strongman from a death-defying circus has performed a risky feat.

Hercules shows his skills in Circus Vegas, the family show which is at Brighton’s Preston Park until Sunday.

Yesterday, he wowed onlookers when he lay down and a Toyota landcruiser was driven over him.

It would have been enough to flatten a lesser man.

John Haze, director and theatre booker at Circus Vegas, said: “You have to get the angle precisely right.”

David Fitzgerald, general manager at Circus Vegas, said: “We will perform this at every Brighton show from now on.”

“Though I’m never sure if it’s going to be front page news or in the obituaries.”

Circus Vegas has teamed up with Brighton Fringe to put on this year’s show.

This is the first year it has put the show on in a circus big top.

“We welcome kids of all ages,” said Mr Fitzgerald.

“Circus appeals to everyone of any gender, creed and age.

“It doesn’t matter who you are.

“We have high wire performers who risk their lives for every show.

“There is nothing to catch them if they fall and no harnesses so if they fall, they fall.

“It is truly incredible.”

Audiences can also expect to see Edy the clown fooling around and the glamorous Vegas dancers.

A group of motorbikers will ride around a spherical mesh cage in a hair-raising stunt called Globe of Death.

The Danguir Troupe from Africa will be performing a high wire wheel of death stunt that has never been seen before in the UK.

Mr Fitzgerald said: “We call it Vegas on wheels.

“You can buy candyfloss, popcorn and slushies.

“We are celebrating more than 250 years of circus performances.”

The show will be on twice every day between now and and Sunday.

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