MILLIONS across the globe watched as the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex tied the knot today.

And thousands took to the streets of Brighton and Hove to celebrate the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, too.

The sun was shining all day, fittingly, with the city ecstatic at the announcement of the county gaining only its second Duke – and first Duchess.

A magical day in Windsor was replicated on the South Coast, and the plaza next to the i360 on Brighton seafront was heaving with monarchists watching the ceremony unfold on a big screen.

The beach party began at 10am, with thousands flocking the area in anticipation.

Tracy Morrison travelled from Horsham with friends Jo Marshall, Karen Hazell, Kim Curran and Bev Cossons.

The 51-year-old said: “We came to soak up the atmosphere in the sunshine.

“It’s a nice day and the beach is a beautiful setting for the occasion.

“It’s amazing that they are now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

“If they really get involved with Sussex, like doing charity work here, it could be huge for us.”

The red, white and blue of the Union Jack flags waved around the seafront as the nation watched Harry and Ms Markle say their vows.

It was a day the people of Brighton, evidently, felt proud to be British.

There would undoubtedly have been a sense of sadness inside the bride on Saturday as her father, Thomas Markle, reportedly had health issues and was unable to attend the big day.

Prince Harry, too, would have hoped his mother, the late Princess Diana of Wales, could have watched him marry the love of his life – and there was certainly that sentiment in Brighton.

Bev, 59, said: “I just think Harry is Jack the Lad – no one thought he would settle down.

“He has been through a lot, and him and William would not be like they are had it not been for Diana.

“I think that’s why the boys have the support they have got – because of her.

“It would have been perfect if she could have been there.”

There were scenes of sheer jubilation when the couple’s marriage was made official, with cheers roaring and flags waving in front of the 40 square metre screen.

Harry, 33, and American Ms Markle, 36, are seen by many as a “celebrity couple” as the royal family moves with the times in a period of transition.

They are certainly the faces to help modernise the monarchy, with the Suits actress proving popular and Harry adored by the nation.

“I think Harry means more to the younger generation than some of the others,” said Bev.

Street parties were held around the city, too, with families and friends enjoying a special and unifying occasion together.

While the majority out on the roads were royalists, there were plenty who were partying just for the sake of partying – but still wished Harry and his wife well.

Booze, live music and a bouncy castle for the children were the attractions in Powis Road, Brighton, with the show put on by the Crescent pub.

Antony Denness was there with his young son Maxwell and wife.

Antony, of Berriedale Avenue in Hove, said: “It’s a great family atmosphere for the children and friends.

“We just love the whole thing – it’s tradition.

“One of the great things about this country is having a monarch.”

St Leonards Road in Hove was closed off until 7pm, with residents enjoying a barbecue, drinks and games together.

Organiser David Flack said: “The main thing is reclaiming the road, and we tried to open it up more to make it more inclusive, which has been nice.”