It was 60 years ago to the day, but the memories of Peter and Helga Miller’s wedding at Brighton College’s pretty chapel could not be clearer.

As they returned to the Eastern Road school to renew their wedding vows on a sunny spring morning last week, the happiness and laughter on their big day back in 1958 was evident once more as they professed their undying love in front of old friends.

Peter, 87, who was brought up in occupied Jersey, was sent to Brighton College by his father Robert – who had also been schooled in Eastern Road - immediately after the Second World War ended and left in 1949.

He signed up to the army after leaving but met Helga, now 85, while on holiday in Australia in 1957.

The pair soon fell in love and decided to get married but because Helga was German and Peter had not lived in the UK since joining up, they were not sure any parish would host the ceremony. Robert had the bright idea that the school would vouch for his son and so it was that the pair exchanged vows at the school under the then chaplain the Rev Bill Peters.

Helga, a retired engineer: “I was a foreigner and Peter did not have residency in the UK because he had been overseas working so we didn’t know if anyone in the UK would marry us.

“Fortunately, Reverend Peters agreed to do it and it was just the most perfect setting.”

Peter, who is now a tour guide at Sandhurst Military Academy, said: “In order for us to marry, I had to stay the night at the school and it brought back wonderful memories of my time there.

“I was captain of the First XV rugby team, I played every sport going and had a brilliant time. It was a treat to go back after all that time.”

The couple were delighted that a friend – now 89 - who had attended their original wedding was able to come to the vows renewal.

Peter said: “Anthony is the sole remaining guest at our original wedding and it was really special that he was able to come down to Brighton to see us do it again! It was a wonderful, unforgettable day.”

Brighton College chaplain Father Robert Easton said: “We were so pleased to be able to host Peter and Helga’s vows renewal.

“It was a glorious sunny day, with some of their oldest friends there to bear witness to the longevity of their loving relationship.

“To do it 60 years to the day since they first stood here at the altar meant it was all the more special.”