A NEW exhibition will showcase work created by people who have brain injuries.

Headway East Sussex, based in Newick, is celebrating its 30th anniversary with the art displays at the Jubilee Library in Brighton.

The charity offers rehabilitation and support services victims of brain conditions.

Headscapes will run from June 11 to 17 during library opening hours.

Claire Benson, director of rehabilitation and reablement at Headway East Sussex, said: “Headscapes demonstrates how art can help relieve tension and anxiety by focusing on the present.

“Communication and social skills can also be improved by working as part of a group.”

“Artworks provide a visual reminder of the emotions that went into their creation and can help our clients to come to terms with their brain injury.”

Injuries to the brain are typically caused by strokes, tumours, accidents through sport or in the work place, road traffic accidents or by assault.

Art as a therapy stimulates many parts of the brain on both the right and left sides, verbal and non-verbal, which works to improve the links between the component parts of the brain to make it stronger.

Many people who never thought they could draw or paint discover their creative side by trying their hand at various forms of art.

Sessions are inspired by accomplished artists and supported by art therapy volunteers who are trained to help clients explore the emotions and feelings they are experiencing and to express them through art.

Headway East Sussex provide a full range of day services, offering tailored rehabilitation and reablement programmes, as well as a variety of advice and support services to those affected across the whole of East Sussex including Brighton and Hove and the West Sussex border.

It was originally based at Hurstwood Park Neurological Centre in Haywards Heath.