ARGENTINE police have responded to a mother’s 11 year campaign for justice, agreeing to open a murder investigation into the suspicious death of a nurse in Buenos Aires.

Laura Hill, 25, from Eastbourne, was found dead in the city October 2007.

She had become involved with an international gang of drug dealers and gun-runners and was found with a toxic level of cocaine in her system.

The amount was consistent with a very large quantity of the drug having been ingested or injected.

At a 2016 inquest coroner Alan Craze ruled her death was “unexplained and suspicious.”

Now South American investigators will look at the case again, this time to consider foul play.

The inquest heard from experts who said Laura’s body may have been moved after her death.

Her mother Alison told the BBC: “It’s quite emotional really because now I have people who believe that Laura’s death was definitely suspicious.

“She got herself involved with some very bad people and some very bad stuff, but now she may get the justice she deserves.

“I’ve never given up, because I knew that it was all wrong in the very beginning.

“We got all the wrong information, Laura’s death wasn’t investigated, the apartment she was staying in wasn’t searched.

“It’s a catalogue of everything being wrong, and I wasn’t prepared to just accept it.”

Alison Hill said a new government in Argentina, a new approach to corruption by the police, and a meeting with an ambassador had helped get the investigation opened.

At the inquest a former forensic senior examiner who examined photographs from the scene of her death described is as a “possible murder”.

Alan Bayle, who worked with the Metropolitan Police for 25 years, told the court that having examined the photographs he was sure that Laura had been assaulted before her body was moved to the place it was found.

One of the last men to see Laura alive, convicted drug importer Jason Bowley, told the inquest that the last time he saw her “she was staring at me like she was never going to see me again.”

Bowley said Laura was scared of Leslie Graham and Michael Hailwood - both sentenced to lengthy prison terms for their part in the smuggling operation - and was worried she would never return safely to the UK.

He said while helping Laura he was threatened by a gang member who said: “Stop hiding her or I’ll put one in you.”