A FORMER MP for Hove is to be the next chairman of the Jewish Labour Movement.

The 98-year-old group is officially affiliated to the Labour Party and has voiced strident concerns over the party leadership’s approach to alleged problems of anti-Semitism within Labour.

Ivor Caplin, who was leader of Hove Town Council in the 1990s and a defence minister in the Blair Government, stood unopposed for the position and will be confirmed in post next month.

His predecessor Jeremy Newmark resigned in February amid allegations – which he strenuously denies – connected to his financial conduct while chief executive of the Jewish Leadership Council.

He wrote to members to say: “The top priority for me as chair of JLM will be to ensure the leadership of the Labour Party and the wider movement understand that ‘zero tolerance means zero tolerance’.

“Like you I want to see a Labour government and yet this single issue is stopping us from winning in areas not just in London but in the North West of England too when we should be miles ahead of this miserable Tory Government with its Tory hard Brexit.

“JLM has been an affiliate to the party for 98 years, playing its role in all the significant moments which have affected our party and the people of this country. Never avoiding difficult issues but always supporting our party. We will not be bullied out of it.

“This is time for experienced determined leadership for JLM.”

A spokeswoman for the Sussex Jewish Representative Council said: "We are very proud to see a local community member as Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement.

"Ivor brings to his new position a wealth of experience in and around Westminster and the Labour Party.

"We look forward to seeing his trademark candour when advocating on behalf of the Jewish community."