A MUSICIAN has hit back after dozens of readers posted negative comments about buskers.

On Wednesday, The Argus reported street musicians and their audiences thought it would be a good idea to allow contactless card payments for buskers in Brighton after a world-first scheme launched in London.

But some of our readers did not react well.

ShorehamBeachcomber wrote: “Great idea giving traceless unknown persons your bank info.

“Before it goes live we can kick it off by handing over a blank signed cheque just to see how that goes?”

Another, John Steed, is clearly not a fan of street music.

He wrote: “There should be licensed busking locations in Brighton with busking banned completely other than on these designated spots.

“My suggestions for licensed locations include the far ends of the marina arms and on the wreck of the West Pier.

“I had thought of the undercliff at salt dene [sic] but the unmelodic [sic] electronically amplified cacophony would probably cause undue cliff falls.”

Simon Lavender apparently does not know know that Ed Sheeran, Tracey Chapman, Sheryl Crow, Rod Stewart and Janis Joplin all started their careers busking.

He wrote: “I’ve a better idea... round em all up and make em work for a living..instead of poncing [sic] of [sic] the state.”

He went on to suggest that “if they can busk on the street they are fit enough to work”, adding: “But no, laying in bed till mid morning doing sod all, day in day out seems far better.”

Will Petit, a professional musician The Argus interviewed for the story, said: “Reading all those hostile comments makes me disgusted and proves how long is still the way to a better understanding of what a musician’s life can be.

“I have been a musician for more than 40 years, supporting myself with music for 25 years, I have worked in 20 different countries and I’ve paid tax and contributions including in this country under the self-employed status.

“Not a lazy scrounging drunk or a drug addict on benefits, just a musician making ends meet with busking as I am seeing my other sources of incomes in music decreasing.

“Each and every penny I make with busking is properly declared on my tax return.”