A BRAVE couple have put their relationship to the ultimate test for a new television programme to be aired on Channel 4 this evening.

Keen vloggers George Warrington, 25, and his partner Lucy D’Agostino, 21, have been together for more than four years and live together in Worthing.

Hello Stranger shows the couple being hypnotised to temporarily erase all memory of their relationship, only for them to then embark on a series of new dates, including with each other, to see if they fall in love for a second time.

George said: “We were approached by a production company having been spotted on our YouTube channel, The Juicy Vlog.

“We were invited to London with other couples to see if we were susceptible to hypnosis as it doesn’t work for 60 per cent of the population.”

George and Lucy have been vlogging for the past two years, after initially making and sharing short videos of their holidays.

They now have more than 5,000 subscribers to their channel.

George said: “The Channel 4 show was filmed over four days in London.

“We were put in separate hotels and had our phones taken away from us so we had no access to the internet or social media for the whole experiment.

“Any little thing could be a trigger to remind us of each other so it was important we were kept completely apart.”

During the programme, the couple are sent on a series of dates and also get to have a second “first date” with each other to see if they can find one another attractive all over again.

Lucy said: “I was excited in the run-up to filming the show but must admit I was nervous.

“We just didn’t know what the outcome would be and whether our relationship would be better or worse for taking part.”

Hypnotist Aaron Calvert is the expert who takes the couple through the process on the show and claims he once made his own mother forget who he was, albeit only for a couple of minutes.

George said: “Neither of us had been hypnotised before.

“It doesn’t feel how you expect it to, it’s not a clear cut moment, it’s a gradual process of relaxation and Aaron took about 30 minutes off camera to get us into the right state.

“You know where you are, you can hear and see everything and you are fully ‘you’ but Aaron puts suggestions in place while you are under.”

The couple admit they were apprehensive about putting their relationship in someone else’s hands, but were excited to take part.

Lucy said: “A lot of people stay in relationships out of habit, so it really was interesting to see if the same spark was there if we met again as strangers.

“It kind of tells you if you’re meant to be or not.”

Find out what happened to George and Lucy on Hello Stranger tonight on Channel 4 at 10pm.