EASTBOURNE Volunteers Project organised a huge get together for volunteers at Eastbourne Pier on Sunday morning.

An invite had gone out on social media a few weeks before inviting any volunteers from the Eastbourne area to come along and have their photo taken in order to promote Volunteers Week.

Organiser Helen Burton said: “It was so much fun. There was a great turnout and with Voices Choir singing, the event had a party-like atmosphere.

“Volunteers were able to talk to Stephen Lloyd MP and meet our new Mayor, and different groups learnt more about each other too.

“I think perhaps this should become an annual event in Eastbourne for Volunteers Week, and next year we should turn it into a proper party!”

The photo was part of a much larger campaign that Eastbourne Volunteers ran during Volunteers Week.

One of the aims of the project is to help people to get involved with their communities through volunteering, and the project profiled eight local community champions who have done great things for Eastbourne as volunteers.

Ian Westgate has been volunteering for over 50 years from Scouting in the ‘60’s to his present-day role chairing the Eastbourne Access Group, helping Eastbourne be more disability friendly.

He is particularly proud of their free annual publication Eastbourne’s Guide for Disabled People.

In 2003 the Multiple Sclerosis Society saw him establish a weekly exercise project for people with neurological conditions that still operates today.

Helen Burton, who founded Eastbourne Volunteers project ,started volunteering as she felt isolated and wanted to do something positive.”