A PETITION has been launched to remove a bike hire station from a street where cycling is banned.

George Street in Hove is pedestrianised between 10am and 4pm and has a strict “no cycling” policy.

But one of the Brighton Bike Share racks has been installed in the road, just outside Santander.

It has led to cyclists unlocking and riding the bikes on the street in contravention of the policy.

Councillor Andrew Wealls, ward councillor for Central Hove, is petitioning the city council to move the bike rack to avoid the confusion.

He says a nearby branch of Tesco has offered its own premises instead.

He wrote: “We the undersigned petition Brighton and Hove Council to relocate the bike hire rack stand situated in George Street.

“George Street is a no cycling zone during the pedestrian hours of 10am to 4pm, and the bike hire rack in George Street does not help promote or inform people of the ‘pedestrians only’ council policy initiative and of the existing law for these hours, and its placement in George Street contradicts council policy.

“The bike hire rack in George Street appears to condone cycling in the street during these hours at best and confuses cyclists at worse.

“The bike rack also causes problems for the immediate businesses around its position.

“The perfect solution being Tesco has expressed a willingness for the George Street bike hire rack to be relocated to their store and we request that this offer is accepted and implemented.

“We support safe cycling in our city and the proposal will enhance the safety of all users of George Street.”

To sign, go to present.brighton-hove.gov.uk/mgEPetitionDisplay.aspx?Id=589.