A SYRIAN asylum seeker has been granted refugee status after The Argus helped bring his case to the attention of the Government.

Ahmad Alshami (not his real name) fled the Syrian civil war after he was imprisoned by the Assad regime for attending a political rally.

He was locked in a cell with a decomposing human corpse, tortured, and still suffers from flashbacks and depression.

He fled to the UK, where his brothers live, in 2015, leaving his pregnant wife in the hope that she could join him shortly afterwards.

But The Argus learned his case was still under review at the Home Office after nearly three years, with a string of missed deadlines and broken promises.

Last week Ahmad’s solicitor received a letter to say he had been granted refugee status.

Ahmad, 31, wrote to The Argus to say: “This is what I have been waiting for for five years.

“No one has helped me more than you, you were like family and I know you did your best to help me. I will never forget your favour in my life.”

His wife, and now two-year-old son will now begin the lengthy process of applying to come and join him, while Ahmad looks to build his life here in Brighton and Hove, taking up his former career as an electrician.

Last month Peter Kyle MP sent new Home Secretary Sajid Javid a copy of The Argus with our report on Ahmad, following which Ahmad received his first invitation to a case review meeting for almost a year.

The MP’s staff have been working closely with the Sanctuary on Sea charity on Ahmad’s behalf since his arrival in the country.

Yesterday Mr Kyle said: “The team and I have literally been jumping with joy upon hearing this news.

“There’s no case that’s given us more cause for distress or that we’ve worked harder on than this.

“Ahmad has suffered indescribable pain at the hands of a murderous regime, but was also subjected to years of callous duress and necessary uncertainly by our own government.

“That this has been brought to an end is something that we should all celebrate and I for one am welcoming him to our community with open arms.

“I will continue to do all I can to help him prosper in every way in his new home in Brighton and Hove.”

Ahmad wishes to remain anonymous to protect his family.