AN ELDERLY widow had to be taken to hospital after she tripped and fell on an uneven road surface, which neighbours say the council has repeatedly been asked to fix.

Ruth Gollop landed heavily on her face after her foot caught in the crumbling tarmac of a zebra crossing in Portland Road, Hove.

The 82-year-old is recovering well after her fall last week but wants Brighton and Hove City Council to resurface the crossing.

A two-foot section of the crossing was recently resurfaced, but neighbours have criticised the council for doing half a job.

Ruth, who lives in nearby Titian Road, told The Argus she was returning from her trip to the nearby Sainsbury’s, pushing her three-wheeled shopping trolley., which doubles as a walking aid.

She said: “I was crossing on the crossing and my heel went down into something and got stuck

“I fell on my face hard.

“There were so many people there

“They were saying how many times they’d told the council the crossing needed fixing but nothing had ever happened.

“I think it should get fixed really. They’ve done a little bit and left the rest”

Ruth was taken by ambulance to the Royal Sussex County Hospital where she was examined for serious injury and received treatment for her bleeding head and elbow.

She spent almost eight hours in hospital after the fall, which took place on June 1.

Her neighbour David Hawthorne said: “When the council came to fix this a week ago, obviously they just did exactly what was on the job sheet and nothing more.

“They fixed one pothole and not the other two.

“If they had done that, they would have saved an old lady having to go to hospital.”

He said he had not complained to the council about the outstanding damage to the road surface.

He said he had “no confidence” in the council to fix the problem.

A council spokesman said: “We’ve very sorry to hear of Ms Gollop’s fall and wish her a speedy recovery.

“We are aware that concerns have been raised about the resurfacing work we have done at the Portland Road zebra crossing near Titian Road, and are investigating these.”

To report a damaged road surface visit the Brighton and Hove City Council website and follow the links to the right department.

Alternatively call the city council for more information.


In March £3m was provided to fix potholes.

The Department for Transport allocated £2.95 million to Sussex authorities as part of a £100m nationwide fund to repair storm damage.

Brighton and Hove received just over £188,000.

A spokesman for the city council said: “During these challenging times with more demand for council services and reducing resources we welcome any funding to help maintain our roads”

East Sussex County Council was given £1,177,912. West Sussex County Council got £1,594,870.