A RENOWNED fancy dress and hire shop is closing its doors after 32 years.

Revamp in Sydney Street in the North Laine has become a Brighton institution over the years but will shut up shop on June 16.

The current owners, husband and wife Lynette Norris and Tom Mugridge, said it has been driven out of business by recession, rail problems and the expansion of the internet.

Sandra Williams started Revamp in 1986 in a small shop behind what was then Emporium in Gloucester Road.

It originally sold 1950s’ clothing and accessories.

As the business grew, Revamp moved to the corner of Trafalgar and Sydney Street and became well known for its 60s and 70s clothing and platform shoes, which were featured in the film Velvet Goldmine starring Eddie Izzard and Ewan McGregor.

It later moved to its current location in Sydney Street.

Sandra said: “It’s really sad that the shop is closing after 32 years. I started it from nothing.

“I gave up my office job to have a baby and bought the stock from a lady who was closing her shop to have a baby.

“I hoped it wouldn’t come to this because we have provided such good customer service, which people like.

“People have been telling me they can’t believe it is closing.”

Lynette Norris and her husband Tom Mugridge took over the shop when Sandra retired in 2007.

The shop has served partygoers since their childhoods and has been the favourite go-to for every costume event of the Brighton calendar, from Halloween and New Year to the Children’s Parade and Pride.

Lynette and Tom are now selling off the vast costume collection, including the 70s costumes and platforms that Revamp is known for.

Lynette said: “Some very flamboyant outfits have come out of this shop over the years, and glitter has been a mainstay of this shop since it opened.

“We had queues down the street every Halloween and had to make it one in one out because it got so hot.

“The shop has had a good innings and it has been quite a gradual decline, but it is a real shame.”