A POPULAR beach sauna is staying in the city – for good.

Mobile sauna company WarmthBrighton, which is now operating under the new name Beach Box and Sauna Spa, will be setting up on the same site as the new Sea Lanes development in Madeira Drive, Brighton.

The mobile sauna was originally part of this year’s Brighton Fringe, where people were invited to take part in impromptu acting performances.

Due to its popularity, the organisers applied for a licence from Brighton and Hove City Council to open the mobile sauna, which is on the beach near the i360, for longer.

The licence allows it to operate on the seafront until the end of June.

Earlier this month, the company was approached by Sea Lanes bosses to operate on their site.

Sauna organisers Liz Watson, 32, and Katie Bracher, 36, said they were delighted to be bringing the Finnish lifestyle to Brightonians.

Liz said: “We had our meeting with them on Tuesday to confirm that this is going ahead.

“We will be offering massage and spa facilities, two saunas with hot showers and a complimentary sauna therapy service.

“We’re very excited about the new opening. Our launch will be in late July.

“People in the UK are becoming interested in the physical and wellbeing benefits of saunas.

“For example a lot of cyclists from the Naked Bike Ride used our saunas after the event.

“At the beach, people like to go into the water first and then warm up in the sauna. It’s just a way of relaxing.”

Katie said: “Pop-up saunas are popular in countries like Finland and Sweden and you see them near summer houses.

“People in Scandinavia and Russia have meet-ups and try each other’s sauna out.

“People are going to experience a sauna like they have never before.

“There are different types of sauna and for many people, it’s therapeutic.

“From a physical health point of view, it improves cardiovascular performance and improve high blood pressure.

“It also boosts your immune system, reduce inflammation, induces fever and gets rid of toxins.”

Liz said: “There is more research focusing on the benefits of saunas.

“It’s very good for companionship. It makes people happy and relaxed, because the heat helps you release endorphins.

“It is also fantastic for hangovers.

“If you spend an hour at the sauna it will get rid of your headache.”