I WOULD like to say I totally agree with Pete Gillman’s letter in Tuesday’s Argus regarding the naked bike ride.

I just can’t believe what’s happening to this country, allowing such a disgusting event to take place.

Any normal person would agree it’s human decency to behave in an adult manner regarding going naked in front of innocent people, especially children.

What sort of people are they?

If they genuinely want to help charity then there are better ways to make money than stripping off in public.

Pete remarked that there were plenty of male riders and not many women, so what does that show you?

I’m sorry but if people want to go around looking at naked men and women it just proves to me and many others that there must be something very wrong with them if this is how they get their kicks.

If I exposed myself in public I would soon be escorted to the nearest police station and probably be put away or given community service.

So why should it be allowed?

To me it is totally unacceptable and not necessary,why not bathing costumes if it’s that hot,but naked? No.

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