A GANG of mischievous goats who wreaked havoc in a classroom have taken to Twitter to apologise for their baaa-d behaviour.

The pygmy goats, who live on site at Varndean School in Balfour Road, Brighton, found their way into the unattended room through a window and had plenty of time to kid around before being caught by staff.

A Twitter account set up especially for the goats said: “Dear Miss, we’re very sorry that we broke into your classroom and ate your displays and resources.

“We are very ashamed now that we’ve been confronted with the CCTV footage.”

The video shows the culprits entering through an open window and chomping on a wall display before trampling a computer underfoot as they leap off the window ledge.

Varndean introduced the tribe of goats to the school in February last year when a member of staff identified an enclosed grassy area on campus that “could benefit from grazing”.

The herd has been a huge hit with everyone at the school, with activities such as Goat Club and Goat Squad being offered to students to enhance their day.

But now the four-legged offenders are in the goat-house, with ring-leaders Alan and Ethel under the spotlight.

Further tweets from the goats’ account followed the story as it unravelled.

One said: “It appears that this was not a one-goat incident, as previously thought, but actually involved some of the biggest names in the goat community.

“Word has reached us the Prof. Alan T Goat is currently helping police with their enquiries.”

A further post exposed “Ethel ‘hooves of fire’ Ellis” for being responsible for “wilful criminal damage”.

As the drama continued on social media Ian Edwards, the member of staff who was first on the scene, was quoted about his discovery.

He said: “It was shocking, there were six of them in there.

“I tried my best to clear up and get them out, but I felt they were laughing at me, you know?

“Alan was chewing a worksheet and waving it in my face.”

Further CCTV footage shows Mr Edwards trying to coax the goats back out of the window, while attempting to clear up the mess they had left in their wake.

Fans of the goats reacted to the story on social media.

One posted: “I have to say that this goatgate scandal is gripping.”

Another said: “Thoroughly entertained by the recent high jinks of Varndean Goats.

“School dogs do not provide the same leve of excitement.”

And another said: “Looks like that goat out of hand quickly.”