EAST Preston resident Louise Winter will be joining a team of trekkers climbing Mount Snowdon for Worthing’s St Barnabas House in September.

Louise will join a group of challenge seekers who are taking on the Snowdon Sunset Trek to raise funds for the Worthing-based hospice on Saturday 8 September.

Trekkers will summit the highest mountain in England and Wales at 1,085 metres to witness the beautiful sunset across Snowdonia.

Louise, 29, was inspired to take part in the trek after her grandfather Ray Horswell was cared for by St Barnabas House.

She said: “Last year on 24 October we lost the loveliest and most caring member of our family, my Grandpa.

“He had been suffering from a lung condition for as long as I can remember and in the last two years had to permanently have oxygen.

“Grandpa was a very proud man and didn’t like how much care he needed from other people.

“He hated putting people out of their way and was always so appreciative of any little thing we did for him.

“St Barnabas became heavily involved with his care last year and we were all blown away by the quality of their provision.

“Not only was the hospice a much nicer place for him to be than in the hospitals, but the carers and doctors were so lovely and supportive of my Grandpa’s wishes.

“Grandpa stayed in St Barnabas for a combined time of over 12 weeks but their care didn’t stop there.

“In the short time that he had at home in between his stays, they ensured carers were coming out to him as often as possible to support him and make him feel comfortable.

“After a long suffering illness, particularly the last few days, my Grandpa closed his eyes and didn’t wake up.

“It was heart-breaking for the family, particularly my Nana who has been with him for 70 years.”

The team of trekkers will meet at St Barnabas House on Saturday 8 September and then travel to Llanberis in North Wales.

They will then stop for lunch before starting a 5-7 hour, 1,085 metre ascent of the Llanberis Path.