A STUDENT has been awarded joint second place in Cambridge University’s annual Woolf Essay Prize.

Kate Granlund, 17, of Varndean College, has been invited to the university’s prizegiving ceremony where she will collect her certificate along with £200 prize money.

She previously attended Dorothy Stringer School in Brighton.

The Woolf Essay Prize is an annual competition offered by Cambridge University with questions inspired by Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own.’

Kate’s winning essay explored the extent to which it was possible for female writers to be and write as themselves, both pre-1928 and today.

She also explored the relationship between gender and self in literature as well as the place that influential writing has held in female literature between 1928 and 2018.

At the prezegiving, guests will also be given a tour of Newnham College.

Kate is studying the International Baccalaureate Diploma at Varndean College and she hopes to study at Cambridge University.

A spokesman for Varndean said they were thrilled with Kate’s success.