THE tailoring and men’s fashion shop pictured in the 1980s, left, is still there.

It is called Luigi, after its owner who is seen here with mannequins in the shop, which is in Gardner Street in Brighton’s North Laine, in 1984

As well as selling men’s clothes by brands such as Guess and Tommy Hilfiger, it offers an on-site tailoring service.

Also pictured here is Julia Pumford posing for a fashion feature for The Argus in 1985.

She is wearing what looks to be a long striped dress.

Three rockers are also pictured on Brighton seafront in 1978, some years after the infamous clashes between the mods and rockers in Brighton in 1964.

They are wearing trademark leather and denim jackets with patches on them.

Slacks and sweaters were apparently all the rage in 1955.

These four women are pictured on the seafront in Brighton wearing tailored trousers and jumpers.

A woman is also pictured walking down the catwalk in a dress with a full skirt.

The fashion show took part in a department store in 1959.

A photo from a different fashion show that took place somewhere in Sussex in 1959 shows three women, one dressed in an evening outfit, one dressed for winter with a hat and gloves and the other dressed in a summer outfit that looks fit for the beach.

A woman is also pictured on the catwalk at a fashion show in Shoreham in around 1960.

She is wearing what looks like a playsuit or swimsuit, and a hat.

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