SHARPLY dressed mods are still a familiar sight in Brighton, decades after their 1960s’ heyday.

They still have an annual scooter run, with gleaming Lambrettas and Vespas lining up on the seafront.

But it is an entirely peaceful affair nowadays, unlike their notorious clashes with rockers in the past.

Our main photo, taken on Brighton seafront in August 1981, shows a couple of typically dressed mods, with one trying to push the other’s scooter.

At the top of the page we have a shot of two mods sitting on their scooters.

Speaking of 1960s fashion, Joan Newman is pictured here in 1968 wearing a quinessentially 60s ensemble of leather mini dress and turtleneck sweater.

On the left we have some shots of 1950s fashions – in a risque move, one woman is wearing an extrememly short dress which looks like a tabard or an apron.

Far left is a stylish woman pictured at a fashion show, also in 1959, wearing a full pleated skirt, top and heels.

Next we fast forward to 1982, to a ballgown fashion show.

The model pictured is wearing a stylish black jumpsuit, cinched in at the waist, and is holding an eye mask to her face.

Rather less glamorously, we have a picture of a man dressed in “squatter fashion” in 1975.

He is wearing a balaclava, scruffy jumper and wide-legged jeans.

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