CAROLINE Lucas has spoken out in Parliament and called for urgent action to fix the railway chaos affecting Preston Park commuters.

The Green MP for Brighton Pavilion has taken note of complaints from constituents and rail users and decided to take direct action by making the plea for urgent action after delivering Preston Park Train Campaign’s dossier to Rail Minister Jo Johnson on Tuesday.

Ms Lucas said: “Preston Park users have been let down by ministers and Govia Thameslink Railway.

“We need urgent action not just words of reassurance.

“I’m meeting the minister next week to ensure he understands the huge level of anger among commuters using this service.”

In a covering letter accompanying the dossier, Ms Lucas warned that jobs were at risk, crowding was becoming unsafe and employers were losing patience with the delays and cancellations which led to employees regularly turning up late for work.

The dossier, put together by the Preston Park Campaign Group, describes how Preston Park services were “decimated” by Railplan 2020.

It also alleges the surviving services are “cramped, unbearable and dangerous.”

The document showed that the station suffered a 43 per cent cut in peak morning services to some London stations since Gatwick Express trains stopped calling at the station.

It also says some commuters have been stranded at London Bridge and Blackfriars for over an hour as they try to get back to Preston Park in the evenings after work.

Govia Thameslink has come under increased pressure this week as a taxi booking system failure caused widespread cancellations to services in the South East.

Earlier this month their chief executive Charles Horton resigned in the wake of weeks of disruption caused by the implementation of new rail timetables.

Brighton-based commuter Charles Slaney said he had been forced to quit his job in the city because of disruptions to Govia Thameslink services.

He said: “It’s an absolute farce I have just given up.

“Enough is enough, I need a life.

“I hope they lose their jobs as well.”

Another train user, Annette Beard, described seeing a mother reduced to tears by the confusion as she waited for her daughter.

She said: “[Thameslink] are ruining our lives.

“We arrive to work late and our home life and social life are both being wrecked as we do not know when we will get home.

“Someone has got to step in and sort out this chaos that is getting worse and worse.

There is no justification for what is happening to us on a day to day basis.”

The campaign has demanded a return to previous levels of service.

In addition, protesters and rail users want to see significant levels of investment in Preston Park Station and facilities.

It has also called for no gaps of more than 15 minutes during peak times and better services to and from London Bridge.

To find out more about the Preston Park Train Campaign visit their facebook page.