FORMER pupils of a doomed college slammed by inspectors have told of the poor education they have received.

On Monday we reported that UTC@harbourside at Newhaven was to close, primarily due to falling numbers.

But an Ofsted report released on Wednesday gave a damning judgement on the college.

It described leadership and management as chaotic, said children had not received the education they had been promised and racial bullying was evident.

College bosses have refused to talk to us but now ex-students have spoken about their shocking experiences.

One teenager, who asked not to be named, slammed the college as “totally unfit for purpose”.

He said: “It was worse than you could ever imagine.

“We were all promised a brilliant experience which would set us up for our futures. In fact, it was the reverse.

“I had no proper English teacher for almost a year. It was supply teacher after supply teacher.

“They lost my coursework and I took computer science for two years only to be told that none of us would be able to take the final exams.

“We were left to our own devices for some lessons. They brought in office staff who just sat with us until the lesson ended.

“I still haven’t had my exams certificate to this day.”

Another student, who has Asperger’s, told us he was promised extra time and support during his exams.

He said: “I was promised a scribe because my writing isn’t good and I should have had extra time.

“But none of this happened. It is so unfair and has really hampered my education.

“UTC bosses made so many promises and none was ever delivered. There is no accountability for any of this.”

A third student said the turnover of staff had been huge and organisation was very bad.

He told us: “In the space of two years I had four different teachers each for English, physics and chemistry. How can that be fair?

“There have also been three heads in that space of time, absolutely no continuity at all.

“We were promised the use of a large engineering workshop. Sadly, it was hardly ever used.

“Our PE lessons were an absolute joke and promises were broken all the time.

“There was one promise of a sailing holiday which never happened and we were all told the college would pay for us each to have a blazer.

“Needless to say, none of this ever saw the light of day.”

College managers have refused to comment on any of these latest claims by students. They claimed it would not be right to talk to The Argus about what had gone on and said they would be refusing to comment.